Grist for the Mill: Hillary, VP and 2016

So, if you were President, and had sagging poll numbers, a moribund economy, an obstructionist Congress and no potential for an imrovement in the near future, what would you do?  If you answered ‘Change the story line,’ well, you ought to be the White House Chief of Staff.  The beginnings of chatter, informal, unverified and patently speculative, have the aura of gospel when it comes to politics.  I’m not sure, why, but maybe it has to do with politics lending itself well to secrecy.  But the definite beginnings of a new story is about to hit the front pages, probably beginning next week.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are going to switch jobs.  Think about it for a minute.  You revitalize the base of the party that was disappointed by Obama’s decidedly centrist course, you get a bump with women, you get to take the spotlight off of the GOP for a minute and you position Hillary brilliantly for 2016.  Genius.  Strategically and tactically, it’s  probably the best thing Obama has done yet in his presidency.  Rarely does something that faces such long odds as this come to fruition, and it’s even rarer that I’d actually write about it, precisely because of that reason, but this idea just makes too much sense for the White House to pass it up.  In short, it’s genius and an all-around win for the President, the Clintons, Biden and the Democrats.

So there’s something for you all to ponder over your weekend.  And for Hillary fans out there, maybe starting to gear up for 2016 might not be such a bad idea.


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