Lehman, Northwest, Blackberry?

We’ve seen a lot of companies vanish over the past few years.  Some of them were venerable old firms that had been with us for decades, prominent fixtures on the economic landscape.  Either through failure or acquisition, they either disappeared or were swallowed up into other organizations.  And while that’s happened, there have been other companies that have come into that void left behind.  One such company is Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian operator of the Blackberry system.  RIM has reported a global failure in their communications network for Blackberry handsets.  And that’s unfortunate, because what they’re selling, basically, is global connectivity.

RIM’s stock price has already declined precipitously over the past year, losing ground to the smartphone onslaught against them (read: Droid and iPhones).  That their global network has been out for several days with no resumption date being offered by the company, well, it’s going to accelerate the trajectory of their own obsolescence.  If, as a global communications company that experiences a near-universal shutdown in their network, they may as well close up shop now.  Because after this, getting new customers to sign up is going to be impossible.  At least, as long as they expect people to pay for it.  If they want to do it for free, they might have a fighting chance, but they’d end up out of business anyways.

So, for those of you who like Blackberries, prepare to have them for a little bit longer, but not much more than that.  Their ubiquity in the global communications network is about to nosedive.


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