Berlusconi: Go P*ssy!

One of the reasons I love him is that he has no power in the US.  If I were Italian, however, I probably would have hatched a plot to kidnap him, or otherwise remove him from power, but, as I’m a Yankee, I’ll just continue to laugh at this windbag antics, as he continues to preside over the downward spiral that has become Italy’s trajectory over the past few years.

Berlusconi, nominal leader of the People of Freedom party in Italy, quipped to an assembly of party faithful that as the party is rapidly losing support, it should rename itself to establish a newer, less offensive/tainted identity.  His suggestion for the new party name: Go Pussy!

While I’m sure that such a name would play well with at least half of the Italian electorate, it would continue his utter disregard for the other half.  But, just such a name would be in character with what we know of Berlusconi.  Go Pussy?  Go away Silvio.


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