Give Me a Break

The First Lady went to Target.  I love Target.  We all do.  It’s an awesome store.  And a photographer for the AP snapped a photo of her there.  It wasn’t high quality, it wasn’t refined, nor was it polished.  But critics on the right have piled onto the First Lady, claiming that she engineered the jaunt to Target as a photo-op.

To which I say bullshit.  Residents of the White House are largely captive.  Either by events, or the confines of the gates of the White House itself.  And while the perks, such as Air Force One, might be pretty swank, I think there comes a time when the simple act of going for a walk, or going out for a Target run, mundane as they might be to you and me, suddenly becomes a luxury, an indulgence, for those people who have resided inside the confines of the Oval.

It’s the familiar chorus of those on the right claiming that it was all theater.  Their position, they claim, is supported by the fact that a photographer from the Associated Press was there.  Of course there was.  Metro DC is stuffed to the brim, not just with political photographers, but also reporters.  Not to mention the requisite politicians and their wives.  So why was the AP photographer there?  Probably for the same reason that Mrs. Obama was.  Not for a photo op, but to shop.

It’s rare that things in politics piss me off.  But I have to say, that this is the most childish, the most asinine and one of the more ridiculous things that I’ve heard in a while.  These fundamentalist cranks are nothing more than arrogant children, wanting anything, anything whatsoever, to detract from the First Lady.  To which I say, again: bullshit.  They’re a bunch of children, overgrown and blinded by their own rage.  If they ever grow up, which will probably never happen, they’re realize this.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Mrs. Obama, keep up that shopping.  I love Target too.

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