Silvio Berlusconi: The Gift That Keeps Giving

Oh, Silvio, you rogue you!  You never fail to delight!  This made my morning.  So we all know about my obsession with the prime minister of Italy.  Not for the fact that he’s a statesman of the first rank, or his courageous moral stands, but rather, that he’s able to repeatedly make an absolute buffoon out of himself, and yet, still, somehow, still remain in power.  What did he do now?  Well, he referred to German chancellor Angela Merkel as an ‘un*&^%able fat *&^%.’  Silvio, that’s not very nice of you.  Not to mention clever.  As your economy is likely going to have to be bailed out soon by that ‘un*&^%able fat *&^%,’ you may want to try not biting that hand that’s going to keep your second rate economy from having to file a nationwide Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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