Alzheimers? Divorce the Woman!

In keeping with this morning’s theme of unadulterated class amongst our political leaders, let’s look for a moment to Pat Robertson, erstwhile presidential candidate, and beacon of moral clarity.  We all love and know Pat for his asinine stands on a variety of issues, be they political or social.  And like our good friend Silvio, he never fails to make a bigger ass of himself than previously thought possible.  Yet, he continues to deliver.

In a call into his ‘700 Club’ show, he advised a caller that he ought to get divorced from his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s, and he could have a clear conscience about it, as the disease itself ‘is a kind of death,’ and would therefore not violate the oath that the groom took before God and country.

I find it interesting that Pat was able to focus on that part of the vows, and managed to conveniently forget the other part about ‘sickness and health.’  This sounds more like the advice of a divorce attorney rather than a man of the cloth, but I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised.  It’s always the loudest advocates of Christianity that are the most un-Christlike individuals that I’ve had the misfortune to come across.


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