Iran: Americans Will Be Freed

For one million dollars.  American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer have been imprisoned in Iran since they were detained on a hike from Kurdistan when they accidentally stumbled into Iranian territory in July of 2009.  A woman who was with them, Sarah Shourd, was freed earlier in the year after she was freed on $500,000 bail, upon which she left the country, declining, prudently, not to stand trial on the trumped up and ridiculous charges of espionage.

Iran’s another basketcase nation in south Asia.  I’m of the opinion that we ought not to pay their bail.  Really, who in their right mind would go on a ‘hike’ so close to the Iranian border?  That their country is governed by a cabal of fundamentalist mullahs is no secret.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will free them eventually, but forking over a million dollars is akin to rewarding the tantrums of a spoiled toddler.  Let these guys wait it out.  They wanted adventure?  Well, this may not be the adventure that they signed up for, but it will serve as a cautionary tale as to the limits of what the US will do to bail out our sometimes idiotic citizens.  The entire scenario is a shame, and is further evidence that substantive dealings with the Islamic republic are simply impossible at this juncture.


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