Need To Know Basis

Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith of New York City recently resigned, very suddenly, after only a year of having been in New York’s city hall.  The former mayor of Indianapolis was brought out to the Big Apple to offer his expertise on the efficient management of a large city, and in his capacity as the de facto head of operations for the city, he discharged that job well.

In the wake of his resignation, it became known that he had actually resigned not to purse a career in the private sector, but rather because police had been involved in a domestic disturbance call involving him and his wife at his home in Washington.  During the course of police involvement, he was arrested, over the protests of his wife.  It’s official DC policy to make an arrest during all domestic dispute calls, and this was no exception.

Now, that Mayor Mike Bloomberg let him resign without disclosing the fact that he knew what had actually prompted the resignation, he’s getting a lot of heat.  And Bloomie’s refusing to apologize.

To that, I say good for him.  As a political independent, Bloomberg gets lots of heat from the Democratic machine in New York City.  And these people that are piling onto him are the exact same people that would be the ones to say that Bill Clinton’s private indiscretions were irrelevant and that despite Lyndon Johnson was a psychopath, he should be judged for the Great Society and Medicaid.

Our elected officials are human.  They’re going to do stupid stuff in their personal lives all the time, as all of us do.  But insofar as they’re not doing it on the job, costing taxpayers money, or engaging in corrupt political practices, let Stephen Goldsmith be.  For having displayed actual integrity in resigning rather than hanging on, he ought to be lauded, not disparaged.  And for Mayor Bloomberg to have done the right thing by one of his deputies speaks volumes about who he is as a leader.  Kudos to Bloomie.

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