Berlusconi: Italy a ‘Shitty Country’

I make no secret of the fact that I adore Silvio Berlusconi.  Not for his political skills or his courageous policy stands, but for the sheer entertainment value that he provides those of us that don’t live in Italy.  I think he’s a horrible human being and an atrocious prime minister.  Honestly, I really have no idea as to how he’s still the prime minister.  In any other country in the world, I think he would have been out on his ass years ago, but Italians apparently love political theater as much as I do.

As I don’t really have a vested interest in what transpires in Italy, I’m free to laugh at his antics, and do so heartily.  Berlusconi’s latest gaffe?  He called Italy a ‘shitty country,’ and threatened to leave the country as a result of his criminal prosecution stemming from his sexual indiscretions.  This is quite a feat, particularly considering the laissez-faire attitude Italians take towards their leaders’ sex lives, as opposed to the puritanical obsession that Americans have with our leaders.  So, Silvio, keep up the good work.  Your indiscretions and subsequent gaffes continue to keep me grinning ear to ear.


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