Making Smart Cuts

In an editorial in my old hometown paper, the Jackson Citizen Patriot, an old family friend Judge Chad C. Schmucker makes the argument with a colleague for budget cuts to the court system in the state of Michigan.  And in his piece, he uses, wonder of wonders, figures and facts.

I have to admit, even though Judge Schmucker is a Republican, and I clearly am not, I’m in total agreement with him.  Instead of engaging in a rhetorical flexing of muscles and demonstrations of ideological purity, he makes a rational, pragmatic argument as to how municipalities and states are able to save taxpayer resources to have a more effective government.  Judge Schmucker uses numbers and logic, as opposed to the usual howls of outrage that we’ve accustomed ourselves to, coming from both the right and the left.  The right typically decries any cuts that have to do with defense or law and order, and the left is vehemently opposed to any sort of cuts that have to do with entitlements.  Democrats are usually open to some cuts, but not to the extent that we’re going to need, and Republicans, at least on the federal level, are unified in their opposition to even modest raises in tax rates, particularly for the rich.

My hat’s off to Judge Schmucker.  He’s the rare civil servant making the rare argument that is, dare I say, common sense.  This is doubly refreshing in a day and age when many, if not most of our civic leaders have taken complete leave of their senses.  Mazel tov to Judge Schmucker and his position.


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