Irene Comes to New York

Hurricane Irene slammed into the east coast of the United States today, making landfall near Morehead City, NC.  The storm was downgraded by the National Hurricane Center in Miami to a category one storm, meaning that maximum wind speed will be at 85 m.p.h.  Low-lying sections of New York City were evacuated, forcing 300,000 residents from their homes.  New York City transit also announced a full cancellation of service beginning today at noon.  Sounds serious, right?  It does, but frankly, I’m not that concerned.  As with most things I write about, it has to do with politics.  This past winter, when New York was pounded by the thunder blizzard, as I like to call it, Mayor Mike Bloomberg was slammed in the press for a lack of preparation and the resulting chaos that ensued.  This time, I think the city is erring on the side of caution. so as not to have to go through the public relations disaster they started this year fending off.  You also have to remember that we’re talking about a city that just had a earthquake earlier in the week.  So, yes, we’re a bit rattled, and New Yorkers are always a notoriously neurotic/paranoid bunch, so we’re jittery to begin with.  But, I’m sure that everything here will be alright come Monday morning.


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