Tastes Like Chicken? More Like Fish.

That people are capable of being utterly crazy isn’t news.  What’s interesting about insanity is the various forms it assumes.  Take, for example, eating a placenta.  Yes, you read that right.  And I’m not talking about animals, but rather human beings consuming their own afterbirth.  Yum!

This link to the article above was one of the few items I’ve read in the recent past the duration of which my jaw was nearly on the floor the entire time.  Describing the piece would be like me badly mangling a funny joke and not doing it justice, so you should just read it yourself.  But, just for a preview, think of placentas in the following contexts, just to get a taste, so to speak: Bloody Marys, smoothies, picnics or an appetizer at a dinner party.  No matter how much of a foodie I am, or how adventurous I am in my eating, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that will ever convince me that eating a part of a placenta is somehow ‘healing’ or ‘nourishing.’  That’s just crazy talk, but for those of you out there that enjoy this sort of thing, well, bon appetit!


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