Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn’t

So, the President’s on vacation.  Good for him, right?  Well, not everyone feels that way.  That presidential vacations have been politicized is nothing new, particularly since President George W. Bush’s legendary stays in Crawford and his rounds of golf while the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were ongoing.  Critics of President Bush contended that he was simply absent too frequently and neglecting affairs of state.  Would I have used this as a charge against him?  Sure, likely in the 2004 reelection, but, and let’s be frank here, he was such a horrible President that his absence from the White House was probably a blessing.  And even though he was an awful leader, Bush, like this President, is entitled to some time off.

President Obama is spending some time on Martha’s Vineyard, a rather posh lefty island enclave off the coast of Massachusetts.  From what I hear, it’s quite nice, and the locals adore him.  The optics of the situation lend themselves to him being called an elitist.  He is an elite.  He’s the President of the United States.  Obama is also rich.  And frankly, that’s how I like my Presidents.  I’m far more comfortable with him spending a boatload of cash on an island of rich folks with power.  Take the opposite situation: the President on a middle class vacation.  If he were to show up at Epcot with the kids and Michelle in tow, well, that’d just look bad.  He has the cash, the job’s certainly stressful enough, let’s leave the man in peace for a week or so, alright?


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