Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Rabbis Condemn Dog to Death by Stoning

Yes, a dog.  We in the west are used to reading about such delightful antics in this area of the world in connection with women charged with adultery or perceived homosexuals.  But this time, it’s Sparky.

According to the BBC, the presence of the dog reminded the rabbinical court* of a curse it put on a now dead attorney for his spirit to enter the body of a dog.  And now that dog entered their court, and it refused to leave.  So what’s the logical thing to do?  Assume that it’s the reincarnated soul of said attorney, and order it to be executed.  Right?  Predictably, a hubbub has erupted, with animal rights groups arguing (sanely) that this kind of decision is wacko and a horrid example of animal cruelty.

Yet another example of what  happens at the intersection of Religion Lane and Politics Avenue.  There’s always going to be horrific pileups.  And they’re usually going to be preventable.


* For those of you that don’t know what rabbinical courts are, imagine a court only for Catholics or Methodists.  Well, switch those guys out for Jews, and you have yourself a rabbinical court with the presiding judges being rabbis.  Sounds like an awesome idea, right?  Not really.  The question then arises, why do be people submit to their authority?  Idiocy, I suspect, is the prime cause.


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