Newt: In It To Win It?

I don’t think so.  At least, when it comes to Gingrich’s bid for the White House.  I respect Gingrich’s staying power as a politician and his intelligence, but my admiration for him stops there.  I don’t think he has a moral center, and will stop at nothing to advance himself or his career.  Case in point: he doesn’t have a chance in hell of ever becoming President.  He had a better chance in the 1990s of becoming President by succession when he was Speaker of the House than being elected in his own right.

And today, I think his staff realized it, and more.  Why?  Well, they all quit.  Together.  At once.  Whoops.  That doesn’t bode well, nor are mass defections (particularly of that scale) common in politics.  He wasn’t doing well in the polls, but I don’t think that’s telling in and of itself.  Take Ron Paul, for example.  He places similarly in polling for the White House.  But he’ll never be elected President.  Paul,however, has a hardcore cadre of supporters who would fight to the death if he asked them to do so.  Gingrich, apparently, does not.  That’s a kind of barometer, not only about the Gingrich campaign, but also the man.  I don’t expect politicians to be saints.  If you do, you’re an idiot.  But for experienced political operatives to get sick of the bullshit from a politician?  Now, that’s telling.  These people are used to the scent of it.  And for them to get so sick of it that they resign en masse?

From what I know about Newt, that’s par for the course.


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