The Definition of Stupidity

I’ll admit it, I didn’t call this one.  At all.  I though Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was guilty of, at worst, badly mismanaged public relations.  His bungled and inadequate response seemed only to make his situation worse, and it didn’t seem in keeping with what I knew of him.  This guy was a savvy political operator.  He knew the rules, knew the game, and knew the players.  Hell, he was a player.

Until today.  Weiner admitted that it was him who sent out a photo of his crotch via Twitter and that it was inadvertent.  It was not hackers, as many intimated, it was not some rogue political operative, it was the Congressman himself.

As sex scandals go, this is pretty tame.  It’s not even evident that there was any illicit sex that took place.  Snooze.  And, as always, Democratic sex scandals are always less interesting than ones with Republicans (think trannies, closet cases, etc.).  So while this seems pretty mundane, I’ll have to say, I’m surprised that it originated from such a canny political operator.  This was not what I would have expected from so highly lauded a personage such as Weiner, a hero to the left.  Ironically, he seemed to be one of the few members of Congress on whom we could always rely to have some balls.  It’s unfortunate for us that he didn’t leave them in his pants.


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