Finally, Justice

And it was long, long overdue.  It took the President two and a half years to accomplish what Bush failed to do in seven.  As Mike Huckabee noted, it’s odd to celebrate a death, and we should temper that celebration with the knowledge that even though bin Laden is dead, and justice, to a certain extent, has been done, that young men and women will continue to die under our banner in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of the actions of Osama bin Laden.

We also have to deal with the fact that in, at least in certain circles of Muslim extremism, we just created a martyr.  The orders were to kill, not to capture, and rightfully so.  There was no doubt as to his guilt, as he loudly and frequently advertised his hand in murdering thousands of Americans, making a trial completely and totally unnecessary.

Another aspect to ponder is this: now that we’ve neutralized bin Laden, what are we doing in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Will this, if anything, force a more rapid draw-down of forces in both theaters?  I would certainly hope so, particularly where our ‘ally’ Pakistan is needed to close the deal, as they’ve demonstrated themselves to be playing both sides of the game.  Bin Laden was in a compound built in 2005, in a rather posh suburb of  Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, just 40 miles out.  That Pakistani intelligence was unaware of bin Laden’s location, at best, stretches the boundaries of believability.

So, we got the bastard, a man responsible for the murder not only of nearly 3,000 Americans, but thousands of other people across the globe in attacks bin Laden and his underlings planned and directed.  And the fight to make the world a place where democracy and tolerance will continue for the foreseeable future.  I, for one, applaud President Obama for finally accomplishing the mission.  This time, the deal’s closed, unlike the other time I recall the slogan being bandied about.


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