Trump Tied For First; God Help Us

I’ve often heard that  in a democratic country, we get the government we deserve.  And apparently, if GOP tracking polls are any indication, we’re an absolutely awful, terrible country.  Gallup tells us that amongst Republicans, Donald Trump is tied for first with former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AK).  Swell.

It’s still early yet, he hasn’t made an announcement, and the field is very, very fluid.  At this point, I like to think that he’s still a dilettante, dabbling in the public sphere so as to promote his second-rate business ’empire’ and continue his perpetual quest of shameless self promotion.  But what’s disturbing is the traction that he seems to be generating, telling CNN that’s he’s busy preparing financial disclaimer forms, staffing up and convincing veteran conservative Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer that he’s dead serious about running for President.

If he does end up as the GOP nominee, fine.  I can’t envision him ever being elected President.  But, then again, there was a significant part of the political establishment that could envision Obama beating Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Democratic nomination, and that happened as well.  For the time being, I’ll consider him as the P.T. Barnum that he’s shown himself to be, at least thus far.  Should he be the nominee, he’ll have an uphill climb to defeat a sitting President.  Because, no matter what candidate Trump says, no matter what the Trump campaign does, he’ll have to deal with Trump the figure, the legacy, and the history.  And for as much as some Americans may hate our incumbent President, many will have a hard time voting for a man that’s conducted himself with so little dignity as has Donald Trump over the past decades.


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