Playing the Trump Card

I love Donald Trump.  Not any one part of him, mind you, but the man in his entirety.  Why?  He’s absolutely hilarious.  I don’t think this country has seen a showman of his caliber since P.T. Barnum launched his circus in the 19th century.  Needless to say, I think his politics are reactionary and destructive, and I disagree with him on pretty much every policy position possible.  But the ‘billionaire’ real estate investor is always good for a laugh, if unadulterated and monumental hubris is grist for your humor mill.  I admit, I salivate when I smell it.

And I adore this buzz surrounding him as to whether or not he’ll run for President.  As a patriotic American, I hope that he doesn’t.  I don’t think a Trump candidacy really has much to offer America in terms of moving the country in the right direction.  But as an observer and perennial cynic, I hope to God he throws his toupee in the ring.  Because if he does, let the hilarity for 2012 ensue.  According to aides, he’ll make an announcement about when he’ll announce one month from now on the season finale of the Apprentice (May 15th).  He may be light on policy, but when it comes to publicity, Trump is unparalleled.

Should he run for President, he’ll have to disclose his financial holdings.  This is usually an invasive and sometimes embarrassing process for any candidate.  The Donald’s take on it?  ‘I look very much forward to showing my financials, because they are huge. Far bigger than anyone knows. Far bigger than anyone would understand.‘  If shameless self promotion were the only qualification to be President, this man ought to be elected President for life.



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