Public Broadcasting: Do Not Pass Go

I’ve just about had it with NPR.  WNYC, the public radio station here in New York, has what is probably the most aggressive pledge in the nation drive three times a year, and I’m sick to death of it.  The only redeeming parts of it are the spots that Alec Baldwin wrote and performed for them.  I know he wrote them because they’re side splittingly funny, and there’s noone at WNYC that has the talent that can make me laugh that hard.  Say what you will about public radio, but the local stations don’t put anything out that’s that funny.  WNYC is so aggressive in their fundraising, that if I hear the term ‘doing your part’ one  more time, I’m liable to throw my radio through the window.

So why do I bring this up?  I’ve suffered through enough of these borderline offensive pledge drives for years.  But now, when they say that government funding no longer makes up a significant portion of their revenues and cannot be relied upon as a funding source, I find a gap in their logic.  Hey, WNYC, I’ve started to hear the exact opposite from our buddies on the left.  That government defunding of public broadcasting would be the death knell of journalism and broadcasting as we know it in this country.  False.  Sorry guys, you can’t have it both ways.  Also, drop the act that if the Feds turn off the gravy faucet, that you’re going to go belly up.  There’s more than enough rich white liberals in New York that fall for your guilt trips.


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