Wisconsin Governor Readies Layoff Notices

Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), the public face of the drive to break unions in the state of Wisconsin, has prepared layoff notices to about 1500 state workers.  Walker has maintained that he won’t compromise in his legislative battle with with Democrats and unions.  Walker’s contention, even though the unions have offered to make concessions in order to balance the Wisconsin state budget, is that he needs to get rid of the entire collective bargaining process.  This, essentially, is code for gutting the power of the unions.

And now, because unions refuse to let a Republican governor dismantle an important Democratic constituency, people are losing their jobs.  Wisconsin voters have already demonstrated buyer’s remorse with respect to their new governor, just inaugurated in January.  Walker would lose in a potential rematch with his challenger, Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.  That’s one hell of a short honeymoon, even in these hard economic times.

This isn’t what the voters of Wisconsin want.  They want a balanced budget and jobs growth.  Not a political pissing match with an institution that voters think, largely, should be left alone.  But instead, Gov. Walker feels that he needs to wage his ideological war against working Americans.  He ought to be ashamed of himself that his desire to destroy unions is costing everyday people their jobs.


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