The Deficit Is Too Damned High

So says Jimmy McMillan, former New York gubernatorial contender.  McMillan’s old mantra of ‘The Rent is too damned high’ has changed tunes to a more conservative pitch.  McMillan changed party registration from the Rent Is Too Damned High Party to Republican after running in the election this past fall.  He made a splash when he appeared in the televised debate for the governor’s race this past fall.  I hadn’t even ever heard of him before.  He’s a community ‘activist’ who’s run in a few races before, holding policy positions that are well left of center.  His chances at ever being elected to anything other than dog catcher are virtually nil, so he’s a rather harmless and amusing character.  Aside from his prolific facial hair, what most amuses me about Jimmy McMillan is how he puts the term donation in quotation marks on his website, as if to imply some sort of farcical joke.  Which, frankly, is probably exactly what most political financing is.

In the article, McMillan claims that he used to be a Democrat and that article says he ran on that ticket this past November.  That may be true(ish), but he made his debut to the electorate not as a Democrat, but as a member (perhaps the only member) of The Rent is Too Damned High Party (also the ticket on which he ran).  His reasoning for the switch?  ‘The Democratic party sucked.’  Hear hear.  Sentiments I frequently feel myself, but refuse to verbalize for fear of jeopardizing a career in politics.  So, to my Republican friends, please, make the most of this newfound asset in 2012, I can assure you, he’s an absolute delight.


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