Almost Unanimous

I always liked hearing election results being announced from totalitarian regimes.  The bad guys always are reelected in a landslide, usually getting somewhere north of 90% of the vote.  Well, during the recent referendum in Sudan that determined the fate of the south of the country was conducted.  The results were never in question, it was widely assumed, going into the process, that the south would secede.  But, the extent to which the support would go was surprising.  99.57% of the electorate turned out in the south.  Amongst the states in the south, the lowest level of support came in at 95.5%.  The election was monitored by international observers and deemed to be free and fair.

So, when you usually hear about elections being this unanimous, it’s nonsense.  But this time, I think there’s something to it.  I doubt, highly, that we’re going to see genuine election results like this at any point in the future.


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