State of the Union Drinking Game

Tomorrow evening the President will deliver the State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress.  This year, the guest of honor that will sit with Mrs. Obama is Daniel Hernandez, the 21 year-old University of Arizona intern who rushed to the aid of Congresswoman Giffords in the moments after she was shot, much to his own personal danger.  As an aside, it’s also his 21st birthday, so not a bad day for him, all things considered.

And based off of a video teaser that was released Saturday, the President’s agenda for the next year is to center on jobs creation and deficit reduction.  His move to the center on many issues and the refocusing of White House direction on jobs and the economy, while politically advisable (vital) is bound to alienate some on the left who want to see the President take a more activist approach to some issues such as the environment, energy and immigration.  But, so long as Republicans have control of the House, that’s just not going to happen, so he’s going to work with them on issues that he can actually push through Congress.

I, for one, have always kind of hated the State of the Union.  When Bush was President, I just end up angrily talking at the television.  And I realized that behavior is kind of nuts.  So, I’ve taken to just skipping the entire thing.  But, I’ve come up with a drinking game for those of you that will be tuning in on Tuesday night.  Whenever the following terms are used, take the number of shots indicated:

jobs                              1 shot
innovation                1 shot
sustainable               1 shot
education                  1 shot
green technology   2 shots
China                           2 shots
new century             3 shots
civility                        4 shots
bipartisan                  Finish the bottle

And if any member of the GOP caucus shouts ‘You Lie!’ at the President, I think that calls for doing a giant line of cocaine.

I have a feeling that if anyone were to keep up with my guidelines, that you’d probably need a liver transplant by the end of the evening.  So, happy viewing/drinking!


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