Revisiting the Culture Wars

I’m not a fan of abortion.  The older I get, the more of a problem that I have with the idea of an abortion.  But, I’m not a woman, and I have an even bigger problem with the idea of the government telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.  Basically, I don’t like abortion, but I like the idea of government intervention into what is a private matter even less.  And largely, I feel that the country feels much along the same lines that I do.  I realize that there’s a significant difference of opinion, but that the matter has been resolved: that abortion is, and will continue to be legal in the US.

Well, House Republicans see it differently.  They are arguing that abortions shouldn’t be paid for with tax dollars.  They argue that since there are so many people who disagree with abortion, that it’s just not fair to ask everyone to pay for it.  I think this is the dumbest argument that they could make.  There’s lots of things that I don’t agree with, but I don’t ask that the government stop funding those projects, do I?  I, for one, have a significant problem with agricultural subsidies that favor big business, undercut poor farmings in developing markets and make America the fattest nation on the face of the planet.  But I don’t see the GOP, or anyone in Washington, for that matter, saying that we shouldn’t fund it because there’s not consensus on the issue.  That’s a total load of malarkey.  I won’t even touch former Senator Rick Santorum’s recent quote about abortion, in which he implied that only white people get to have an opinion about it, just because he’s a nut, he’s not going to be President and I doubt that there’s that many people who take him seriously anyways.

But if we’re beginning an argument that has the potential to deny low income women affordable abortions based off of a faulty premise, I have a giant problem with that.  It seems to me that the GOP wants to cut government down to be so small that the only two places it can fit is in my bedroom and in a woman’s uterus.  This country is crying out for jobs, and what does the GOP want to talk about?  Rewind to the 1980s so we can open up a long resolved social question that ought not to become an election issue with which to pander to your base.


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