I’m a republican

Note the small ‘R.’  A republican, in the sense that I’m opposed to the idea of monarchy.  Having said that, I find monarchies, you could say, interesting.  I think for any royals, it’s a pretty sweet gig.   Your family at one point was more politically adept than other families, so as a result you get a palace (or several), usually an outstanding art collection, a crown, your face on the currency and taxpayer money to underwrite your lavish lifestyle.  Not a bad deal for having been born into the right family.

Well, there’s changes afoot in Britain that could modify the way that the offspring of a monarch becomes kind or queen.  Namely, even if the firstborn is a girl, the eldest son automatically becomes king, despite having an older sister.  Also, no Catholics are allowed.  Those are the two biggies.  But the British government is working on a law that could make it so that an elder daughter could become Queen, taking priority over any younger sons.  Not that big of a deal really, but another (very) small victory for women across the world.  Or, at least in the Windsor family.


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