Racial Politics in Chicago

Get rid of the Daley machine in the City of Broad Shouders, and you’re bound to have a certain amount of political infighting and acrimony in its wake.  The city’s going through an election to select a new mayor.  Former Congressman and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel leads the pack, followed by a few lesser-known contenders, including former Senator Carol Moseley Braun.  Emanuel has the highest name recognition, probably the most cash on hand, and the highest likelihood of winning, but it’s far from a done deal.  So, President Clinton went to Chicago to campaign and host a fundraiser for Emanuel.

Braun’s reaction: not good.  She contended that Clinton, as an outsider, risked damaging his reputation by supporting the white Jewish guy, instead of her or the other Latino candidates.  That it was minorities who supported Clinton most, and, as such, he was obligated to support one of them.

Wow.  We haven’t heard this kind of language in a while.  And chances are that it’ll backfire, I hope, on Braun.  This kind of divisive racial pandering, coming from anyone, be they black, white or Latino, never produced any positive results for this country.  But that seems to be a lesson lost on a scared candidate that’s running far behind in the race.  Good luck to you Chicago.


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