To Starbucks, 30 = 31

It took me forever to learn Starbucks’ sizes.  To this day, I still just sometimes say, small, medium or large.  With Starbucks’ large weighing in at twenty ounces, it’s referred to as a venti, which means twenty in Italian.  How chic.  Well, Starbucks is coming out with an even larger size, at least for its iced drinks, and that’s going to be called a trenta, which means in thirty, also in Italian.  But it’s going to be 31 ounces, just one ounce shy of a quart.

Yes, that’s right, 31 ounces.  Of pure, unadulterated, caffeine laden COFFEE!  Because if there’s anything this country is crying out for, it’s more caffeine.  Why didn’t I think of that?


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