If They Didn’t Have Badges, It’d Be Called a Heist

Yesterday, the Oakland County Sheriff raided the headquarters of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine and other adjoining offices that are affiliated with the organization.  The MMMM, located in Oak Park, is a legally regulated, not-for-profit dispensary of medical marijuana.  Medical marijuana, once illegal, is now legal in the state, following a voter referendum a few years back.

So what happened?  The police took about $20,000 in cash, the the wallets of about ten employees and patients.  No arrests were made, as no one was breaking any laws.  Regardless, the Sheriff’s office is allowed to keep 80% of the cash, with the balance being disbursed to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.

I don’t get it.  If the dispensary was legally regulated, approved, and in good standing, and nobody present was breaking any laws, then why, the sweet name of Jesus, was the Sheriff permitted to take $20,000 and peoples’s wallets?  This eludes me.  I realize that the Sheriff’s office might not like the idea of medical marijuana, but that’s just too bad, as it was legally approved by the voters of their state.  If these guys who made the raid didn’t have police badges, this would be called a robbery, because that’s exactly what it was.



One Comment

  1. I hope some of those people are talking to lawyers. MAYBE somehow they could justify the receipts from the marijuana (I’m not sure how), but to take money from ordinary people? Some lawyer must want to jump all over that…


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