NY Democrat Readies Gun Control Legislation

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) is well acquainted with gun violence.  In 1993, her husband was killed and her son was gravely injured when a gunman opened fire on the Long Island Rail Road.  In 1996, she ran for a Long Island seat in the House, and won.  Since then, she’s been one of the biggest advocates of strengthening gun control legislation in Congress.

Yesterday, in an interview with Politico McCarthy said that she’s preparing to introduce legislation to ban the use of the high capacity clip that was used in Saturday’s shooting.  The clip in question is also the same kind that was used in the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 in which 33 people were killed and 25 others injured.  Until 2004, the clip was illegal under the Assault Weapons Ban, but when the GOP allowed the legislation to lapse, it became legal.  And, in two of the most memorable killings in our nation, that high capacity clip which allows the shooter to squeeze off more rounds of ammunition than he would normally otherwise be able to has figured at the heart of both.

This legislation isn’t about taking away your guns.  And any defense that pro-gun advocates can mount can’t rely on the hunting, or the self-defense arguments.  As quoted in the article Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL): ‘He had an additional magazine capability. That’s not what a hunter needs. That’s not what someone needs to defend their home. That’s what you use to hunt people.’

Enough people have died in connection with high capacity clips.  Ban them already.


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