Something to Be Proud Of

I didn’t like George W. Bush.  Shocking, right?  I disagreed with him politically, and, I have to admit, he annoyed me on a personal level.  There was very little redeeming I found in him.  He struck me as a ‘nice’ man, but nice isn’t the same as good.  I digress.

So, for as much as I don’t like Bush, I suppose I should, on a certain level, be grateful for him.  Why?  It could be worse (it can always get worse, remember that).  There are other ex-presidents out there, who make Bush look positively Churchillian.  Namely, Moshe Katsav, former president of Israel, who was just convicted of raping a woman in the 1990s today.  An Israeli court found him guilty after prosecutors managed to put the evidence he submitted through a meat grinder and the presiding judge basically called him a liar.  How’s that for accountability?

So, while I may not have agreed with Bush’s policies or personally liked the man, at least he never raped anyone.  There’s something that we can be glad for.  Setting a high bar, aren’t we?

Happy New Year!


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