It’s a Witch Hunt

So says Christine O’Donnell, former GOP Senatorial candidate, who was handily defeated this past November after pulling off a stunning upset over Congressman Mike Castle (R-DE), a moderate Republican who was widely viewed to be a shoe-in to take over the Senate seat once occupied by Vice President Joe Biden.  O’Donnell’s unorthodox media appearances and outlandish policy positions made her favorite fodder for late night comics and media pundits.

Yesterday, news broke that she was being investigated by the Feds for improper use of campaign funds, including using donations to pay rent and other personal expenses.  Her response: ‘political thugs’ are out to get her.

I don’t doubt that from time to time, personal vendettas occur in politics, where smear campaigns are directed at candidates or politicians in order to destroy them both professionally and personally.  My thinking, however, is that candidates are far more adept at destroying (not to mention, far more likely to destroy) themselves than having another person, named or unnamed, do it for them.  I doubt that Miss O’Donnell is any exception to this.


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