New York City Subway Safety Inspections Faked

And the fare hikes are still on schedule to take effect this coming January.  MTA officials admitted today that transit workers had not performed the proscribed safety inspections that they said they had, with the end result being that the busiest lines in the system were the ones that were inspected the least.  The reason: too much train traffic on them.  Of course.

Also of note in the linked article, in 2010, over two thirds of workers stated that they did more work than was physically possible during a shift, and we should be happy about that.  The reason?  Well, it’s down from 96% a few years ago.  I’d be shocked, but I have to remind myself of who we’re dealing with.  I’m resigned to just kind of take it, as the only way I could stop dealing with the MTA are impractical.  I can’t afford to drive a car in the city (not to mention I hate driving) and the idea of riding a bike in town kind of spooks me.  The system will never be privatized (I’m not even sure if that’d do any good) and there’s no discernable improvements that are on the way, at least none that have been adequately communicated.  Oh well,  grin and bear it, I suppose.  At least there’s fodder for me to rant about.


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