The Gay GOP?

Well, apparently this past Tuesday, gays voted for the GOP in higher numbers than in the recent past.  I don’t know of any that did, but then again, I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and I don’t that many people who voted a Republican ticket to begin with.

I don’t understand gay Republicans.  I really don’t.  I won’t try to, as I think the GOP has made it abundantly clear over the past two decades that they don’t like us and that they don’t want us.  But just because there was a small bump in gay support for the Republican party doesn’t mean that we’re trending towards to the GOP.  We’re not monolithic.  We’re a highly varied group that cuts across all demographics, so that some would inevitably drift towards the GOP isn’t all that surprising.  And, remember, most of the country voted for Republican candidates this time around, so I wouldn’t read all that much into this past Tuesday and how gays voted for conservative candidates marginally more than we historically have.


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