In the Meantime…

With the New Year upon us, we’ll see a GOP controlled House, and a slimmer Democratic majority in the Senate.  This will doubtless complicate any domestic initiatives that the President wishes to advance.  Constitutionally speaking, however, the President has always been vested with the authority to, largely, conduct foreign policy on  his own, free of Congressional interference.

And there’s some that think that’s what he’ll end up focusing on for the next year and a half before he swings into full time campaign mode.  I think that this would be the easy way out.  I think that we’re still relatively unacquainted with this new President, and that while it’s tempting to think that this intellectual leader will withdraw into the arena of global affairs, it’s pretty far from the mark.  This is a guy who didn’t roll over when things started getting hard, either in  his personal life, or his campaign for President two years ago.  Instead, he doubled down, squared off against his adversaries, and won.

The President, also, isn’t a fool.  No matter what foreign policy successes he may have, that’ll be no substitute for getting the unemployment rate back down to 6%.  You don’t get reelected President when the economy is in the tank.  As Jimmy Carville would probably point out: ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’


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