Congressional Candidate Blames Candor on ‘Headache’

Republican Bill Flores is challenging longtime Texas Congressman Chet Edwards for control of the 17th district’s seat.  The only thing that’s been interesting about this particular race is that Flores, in a TV interview, said he’d consider raising the retirement age for Social Security to 70.  Predictably, this set off a firestorm of recrimination and backtracking, with Edwards lambasting Flores for his position.  His argument: Flores is mean and even thinking about raising the retirement age is heresy to our seniors.  Flores’s response basically consisted of ‘just kidding.’  He blamed his momentary lapse into honesty on a headache.

We’re going to have to raise the retirement age for Social Security.  It’s a matter of when and how much, and not if.  And the longer that we wait, the higher that we’re going to have to raise the age.  Much to the detriment of seniors.  I’m kind of disappointed that not even a Republican from Texas has the political balls to acknowledge this rather basic reality.  The problem in this situation is that those people who stand the most to benefit from this kind of reform are about my age, and people my age just can’t be bothered to vote.  Too busy!  As opposed to people my parents’ age, who vote specifically to protect these ‘sacred’ Social Security benefits.  And as a result, by the time that people my age start caring about this, we’ll be panicked to the point where we just punt on this as well, shifting the problem to our kids.

Monkey see, monkey do.


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