Orthodox Rabbi Turns on Paladino

In order to make Carl Paladino look reasonable, you have to be pretty nuts.  Case in point: Yehuda Levin.  He’s the leader of the orthodox Jewish group in Brooklyn in front of which Paladino felt it necessary to start bashing gays.  Paladino walked back those comments only after igniting yet another controversy with which his campaign had to contend.  The result?  Levin withdrew his endorsement of Paladino. How logical.  In addition to making some pretty crass jokes regarding ‘kosher salami,’ this Levin character is pretty down on the gays.  Just as Paladino didn’t write the speech he delivered with Levin, Levin is now accusing Paladino of reading from remarks prepared by ‘militant gays.’

What strikes me most is that this is coming from a group that’s known far more than their fair share of hate.  After the Holocaust, pretty much all of the Hasidic Jews in Europe were dead.  They were rounded up and sent off to the concentration camps more so than any other group of European Jews.  I’m always leery of throwing out WWII/Nazi/Holocaust comparisons, but in this case, just because of the subject, I have to.  Gays aren’t facing a holocaust, by any stretch of the imagination.  But that one group to have known such hate to subject another group to it, well it’s hypocrisy of the highest order, not to mention totally unnecessary and incredibly sad.  I pity Yehuda Levin and his congregation.


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