Triceratops Relative Discovered in Utah

Kosmoceratops Kramer

Dinosaurs are a pretty effective way of getting kids interested in science.  And when I was in elementary school, I was always partial to the species known as triceratops.  Recently, paleontologists in Utah recently discovered a relative, the Kosmoceratopos and the Utahceratops, similar in may respects, but distinctly different in appearance.  The main difference between the well known triceratops and the new species is that the new species have more horns, and their heads are larger, relative to their body.

What I found most interesting in the article was the description of North America as it existed about 75 million years ago.  The continent was divided into two parts, the eastern portion known as Appalachia (ostensibly after the eastern mountain chain) and Laramidia, which consisted of the Pacific coast and those states that are right to the east of them.  The area in between was covered with a shallow sea.  So, when you look at the map, you’re able to see what baby North America looks like.


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