Tea Party Juggernaut in Delaware

Not this kind of tea party.

Tomorrow will see primary elections taking place in may states, most importantly, in my opinion, in Delaware.  Joe Biden’s old Senate seat is up for grabs tomorrow, and after tomorrow, we’ll know who is going to make a run for it.  On the GOP side, we have Congressman Mike Castle (R), a moderate Republican and political veteran with experience dating back to the late sixties.  He’s known for his moderate positions on many issues, and is the favorite of the national GOP establishment.  Challenging him for the nomination is Christine O’Donnell, a political neophyte who’s trying to outflank Castle from the right with the support of the national Tea Party organization.

Castle was widely viewed as a shoe-in if he were to win the primary.  And, for much of this past political season, that was viewed as being highly probably, if not a certainty.  Polls released yesterday indicate that O’Donnell may be able to pull off a stunning upset against Castle, as she’s leading by a sliver, which would make her the nominee, and putting yet another Senate seat in play, a seat that the GOP, had they run Castle, would have almost certainly won.

The reason?  Moderate Delaware voters don’t take kindly to the Tea Party.  Castle, a moderate, is a known quantity to Delaware voters, and enjoys backing from both Democratic and Republican voters.  O’Donnell would enjoy no such bipartisan support.  And, if she ends up being the nominee, the GOP is just shooting itself in its foot, yet again (See: Sharon Angle, Rand Paul, Linda McMahon, Joe Miller).  The GOP seems hellbent on putting forward the most ideologically ‘pure’ candidates at the expense of winning the actual seats.  Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) lost her primary to Tea Party challenger Joe Miller, and even went so far as to call Castle, warning him what was in store for him.

I think that the GOP is needlessly putting seats in play that should have been slam dunks for them.  We’ll see how it turns out come this November.


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