How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket

This guy did not respect the badge. Oops.

My father has a formula for not getting a traffic ticket when he gets pulled over: respect the badge.  And it works.  I don’t recall the last time that he was issued a ticket.  I live in New York, I do not own a car, and I drive only about twice a year.  But, in the time that I was driving as a teenager, I was pulled over.  A lot.  Thanks to these tips, I never had to tell Mom and Dad about it, because I was never ticketed, saving me from a lot of headaches at home.

I came across a story for how to deal with just this kind of situation.  There are a few fast and easy rules that may prevent the cop from issuing a citation.

1.  Don’t lie.  The cop saw you speeding.  Don’t try and bullshit your way out of it.

2.  Let the officer lead the conversation.  Cutting him or her off midsentence is the fastest way of pushing them off the fence in the direction of writing a citation.

3.  Don’t attempt to bribe or threaten the cops.  They can arrest you for this.

4.  Use ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’  A lot.  Police put up with a lot of disrespect, so in the instances when they do get some respect, they’re more likely to let you go.

5.  Apologize.  Sounds easy, but the simple act of saying ‘I’m sorry’ counts for a lot.

6.  Remember: throughout the entire situation, no matter what you think of the situation, it doesn’t count.  Only what the officer thinks matters.

Feel free to share your stories about getting tickets, and other tips, if you have them.


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