Kwame’s Cronies Corruption Continues

Bobby Ferguson pictured: Money, what money? Oh, thaaat money!

Bobby Ferguson, a Detroit city contractor and BFF to disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, was very busy during his buddy’s tenure as mayor.

A search warrant against Ferguson uncovered numerous instances of fraud, extortion, financial malfeasance, kickbacks and money laundering.  When federal agents asked what exactly was in a wall safe in one of his offices, Ferguson replied: there ‘wasn’t much inside.’  When the agents opened the safe, they found $261,000 in cash, and bank records implicating Ferguson in a large scale money laundering operation.  I think it’s cute that Ferguson thinks that federal agents are just going to take his word on that sort of thing.

Ferguson controlled two companies, which, from 2002 until Kilpatrick’s resignation, were awarded  $109,000,000 in contracts from the Water and Sewage Department alone in city contracts.  Charges of corruption aside, just the optics of the situation are awful.  Steering over $100 million to your friend just reeks of corruption from the get-go.

I’ve said before, and I’ll say again: the longer these investigations continue, we’re only going to uncover more corruption and wrongdoing perpetrated by Kilpatrick & Co.  I bet pretty much everyone on Kwame’s speed dial will probably find themselves doing time by the time we’ve uncovered it all.


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