Relatives, Attorneys Circle 104 Year Old Heiress

Old old old. Rich rich rich.

Huguette Clark, a spinster New York City heiress to a copper fortune bequeathed to her by her father, Senator William Clark, is old as hell (104), and very rich.  Such behavior inevitably brings out the absolute worst behavior in people, particularly with the relatives and the attorneys involved.

Realistically, this woman could die before I’m done typing this sentence, and there’s a lot of money at stake.  Her relatives (with whom her lawyers say she wants nothing to do) are ‘concerned’ about the management of her estate (read: their cut) and her health (even though they probably have a bottle of Pol Roger on ice to crack open once the old lady expires).

At the same time, her attorneys have had to face charges from the relatives that they’ve been improperly selling off assets (a Stradivarius violin and a Renoir painting), while allowing tax liens to accrue against several of her estates (read: lining their own pockets and cracking out codicils to her will as fast as they can have them notarized).  Manhattan DA Cy Vance has opened up an investigation into the allegations, which will probably result in more tabloid fodder which will be barely distinguishable from what we saw happen with poor, dear, old Brooke Astor.

The moral?  You can get old, and you can get rich, but you can’t become both and expect everyone to be all smiles as your end approaches.  Becoming one of those things is inevitable, and the other is not.  The upside of not being insanely rich?  Your family is still on speaking terms after you’re dead.


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