To Commemorate 9/11…

This is Terry Jones. I say we burn the moustache.

Terry Jones, the pastor and leader of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, is planning some activities this coming Saturday (September 11th) to in honor of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the US.  Notably, he’s planning on having a giant bonfire so that he and his friends can get together, have a few laughs, and burn a whole bunch of Korans.  His reasoning?  It’s ‘full of lies.’

This story just broke last Friday, right before the holiday weekend, so it’s probably going to drive headlines for the rest of this week.  However, it’s already garnered media attention in the rest of the Muslim world.  A demonstration with thousands of participants in Jakarta erupted outside of the US embassy there.  The same happened in Kabul, with those gathered demanding that the US withdraw its troops.

And the planned Koran burning hasn’t even taken place yet.  General David Petraeus has gone on the record saying that it would put the lives of our troops in danger.  So, in order to make his little point, Terry Jones is willing to let Americans die.  And the only tangible result would be to make it impossible for those people we need the most in the Muslim world, the moderates, for them to work with us in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I don’t understand this man’s reasoning.  I don’t think there is much introspection going on here.  This man is motivated not by compassion or the desire to do what’s right.  Terry Jones is a bigot by any standard, and his motivation is nothing more than pure, unadulterated fear and hate.

I sincerely hope that this atrocity does not happen.


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