With a Grain of Salt

Vanity Fair released a profile on Sarah Palin.  The picture painted of her is largely negative, which is about par for the course for Vanity Fair.  I’d take it with a grain of salt, as I do with most articles.  At any rate, it’s, at the very least, an interesting piece.  My main question is this: I wonder if her activities since resigning as governor of Alaska are geared more towards making money, or really running for president in 2012?  Is she a cynical political operative who smells an opportunity to make some cash, or does she really believe her own message and want to get back into elected office?  I can’t really tell.  I suppose only time will.  According to the Des Moines Register, she approached the Iowa GOP with a request to address attendees at their annual Reagan Dinner fundraiser.  Iowa goes first in the country when it comes to the primary process for selecting president.  This would be a perfect time to make introductions to the very party activists that she’ll need to woo were she to decide to run.


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