Harry Reid’s Salvation

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) isn’t really an inspiring guy.  From everything that I’ve heard, he’s kind of a loner, and he’s prone to saying downright stupid things (his off the cuff remarks positing that Obama was successful in politics because he’s ‘light skinned’ in appearance, and that he can speak ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wants to have one’).  Every time I’ve heard him speak, the effect that it’s had on me has been pretty much the same as taking a Tylenol PM.  And, with his longtime incumbent status, coupled with the fact that he’s the entrenched leader of the majority in the Senate normally would spell his doom in such tough economic waters.  And, for a long time, he was doomed.

His polling numbers were abysmal.  There was no way in hell, or so went the conventional wisdom, that this guy was going to get reelected.  But now, his numbers are up.  In fact, he’s leading, according to some polls, not by much, but his standing has improved dramatically in the past few months.

The reason?  It’s not his leadership.  The economy isn’t exactly roaring back to life.  He hasn’t gotten a makeover.  He hasn’t changed?  So what did change?  What changed is we found out who his opponent is going to be.  Enter: Sharron Angle, stage right.

Softballs only, please! Oh, and give me $!

Sharron Angle just got on the TV yesterday, on none other than FOX News, and publicly stated this regarding her hesitance with the press:  ‘We wanted them to ask the questions we want to answer, so that they report the news the way we want it reported.’  Oh really Sharron?  Well, sorry, but that’s not the way that the press works.  It’s an adversarial relationship, and that’s by design.  We’re supposed to publicly grill those individuals who are pursuing high office, and if they screw up and make an ass of themselves on TV, then it’s supposed to damage their public image.  She then went on to direct viewers, several times, actually, to her website so that they could make a contribution.  Super.  If she’s not telling people to agree with her, then she’s telling them to give her money.  There’s not a lot that surprises me anymore.  This woman’s ignorance has my jaw on the floor.

It’s a tight race, and I think that the more Nevada gets to know Sharron Angle, the less that they’re going to like her, thus granting Harry Reid another six year term.  But, here’s my point: the GOP primary produced the most bizarre, least intelligent, most incoherent, least prepared candidate, thanks to the efforts of the Tea Partiers.  There were other candidates, credible candidates that could have destroyed Reid.  And the Republican activist base chose, wait for it, not the candidates that could win, but the nut.  Getting into their minds is a pointless exercise, but I think it’s illuminating.  If the GOP keeps nominating candidates like this (Rand Paul, Angle, Palin) they’re never, ever, going to regain power.  And the Democrats will capitalize on it with this message: we may be ineffective, but at least we’re not insane.  Crazy wins primaries, not elections.


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