Shatner interviews DC sniper?

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, openly Canadian actor William Shatner, of Star Trek/Boston Legal/Priceline ad fame, did an interview with Lee Boy Malvo, the 25 year old who was the accomplice of John Allen Muhammed, the duo convicted of  shooting 13 people, 10 of which died.  My question is this:  Why?  This entire scenario is just strange.  Maybe he dressed up in a suit, trotted out his Denny Crane persona, and did the interview.  Denny Crane!

Even more surprisingly, Shatner actually uncovered NEWS.  During the course of the interview, Malvo divulged that there were other co-conspirators involved, and that they were responsible for more shootings that they were never connected to.  Muhammed was executed last year, so it’s pretty much Malvo’s word on this one, and I’m wouldn’t trust this kid any further than I could throw him, but this whole thing is interesting.  And bizarre.


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