AZ Governor Brewer Not Sure Immigration Law Will Work

It won't work, but we'll pursue it relentlessly!

Well, will wonders never cease.  Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ), in a rare moment of lucidity, admitted that she wasn’t sure if the contentious new law would actually improve the border security situation: ‘Asked if she actually believes the bill would improve the security situation at the border, Brewer responded: “Well, you know, I’m not quite sure about that.”‘  You don’t say.  A Federal judge stayed the enforcement of the key provisions of the law earlier this week, citing major constitutional concerns.

Having said that, Brewer vowed to continue her fight for the constitutionally flawed law, swearing that she’ll pursue an appeal as far as she can.  Of course you will Jan.  Why wouldn’t you?  Far be it from you to do anything genuinely constructive regarding immigration, it’s best to stir up anger and disseminate disinformation.


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