Memo to Arizona: You’re not a country

After a Federal judge struck down key provisions of Arizona’s contentious new immigration law, Republican Governor Jan Brewer has vowed to take her fight all the way to the Supreme Court.  Have at it Jan.  Aside from the fact that this is an invasive, unenforceable, unconstitutional law that’s so flawed that it’ll inevitably create an avalanche of litigation against the state, it’s not the role of the states of come up with policies that belong squarely with the Federal government.  While you’re at it, why don’t you try issuing your own currency?  Or maybe appointing your own Arizona ambassador to Mexico.  Oh, wait, that’s not going to energize your base and bolster your chances for reelection.  Gotcha.



  1. You clearly do not understand what the “United” States of America is about. The states were to maintain their power over a minimal federal government. The Fed as it is is unconstitutional and in the wrong.
    It is almost as if the Obama administration is declaring an act of war on American citizens.
    The law is supported by the majority of US citizens. The law was passed and signed.
    The Obama administration say’s that Arizona is encroaching on federal laws. If that is the case The states need to say, fine… next time a FDIC bank is robbed call the FBI our local authorities will no longer answer since it is a Federal law being broken. Federal drug laws should only be handled by the FBI and Federal Marshals, the local state level authorities no longer have the right to encroach on those laws or use them. As a matter a fact, local authorities should not respond to any call that would be covered by the a federal law.
    the Failure in Chief is not protecting this country or the Constitution and thereby in direct defiance of his oath of office.
    Those against this law are nothing more than fools wanting to give up America.


    1. My first response to your comment would be to suggest to learn how to correctly use apostrophes.

      Your argument with respect to Federal versus state jurisdictions is lame. Of course local law enforcement collaborates with their Federal counterparts, as they well should, but this is an issue that does not belong with cops on the beat. They’re not equipped to determine the status of detainees. It’s a convoluted process that needs to be reformed, yes, but this is not the solution.


  2. It’s not convoluted, it is really freaking easy. the FEDs are not doing their job so the state must step in. 4 billion a year wasted on illegals in Arizona a year. Over 400 violent crimes a year by illegals.
    My argument is lame to you because it really makes sense and democrats don’t do to well with logic…sorry about that.

    And stop your whining about apostrophes this isn’t a damn term paper.


  3. I don’t have a problem with people who don’t agree with me, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I actually thrive on disagreement, because it forces me to reexamine my own opinions, strengthening them. So, if you disagree, and you post, that’s fine, I welcome it.

    But, what really gets me going though, is when people like you make it personal, claiming that I don’t ‘understand’ what this country is about, or that I have a ‘problem’ with logic. Critique my position, attack my ideas, but making it personal doesn’t do you any credit, and it doesn’t enhance our debate.

    Illegal immigration is a problem in this country, but SB 1070 isn’t the way to solve any of it.


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