Surprise! Not really.

Wikileaks, the not-for-profit website dedicated to the dissemination of classified information from across the world, released a trove of documents this past Sunday, numbering more than 92,000 in total.  The previously undisclosed documents paint a picture of a corrupt Afghan government, so corrupt, that it’s incapable of providing basic services or security for its citizens.  The documents also cast suspicion on our ‘ally,’ Pakistan, with some charging that senior Pakistani intelligence officials have covertly been aiding the Taliban, who, incidentally, are now at their strongest than at any other point since the US invasion in 2001.  Additional revelations contend that the US Predator drone program, lauded for its sanitary ‘hits,’ has actually killed many, many more civilians, including children, than the government has been willing to admit.

We’ve known about these allegations for some time now.  This isn’t a revelation.  This war has been a disaster for years, with no foreseeable end in sight.  The difference now is that whereas the government had basically been saying ‘Don’t worry, just trust us on this one,’ now we know that we can’t trust them on this.  We can’t trust them, because their assurances go against everything that we’ve been hearing for some time now.

This isn’t news, really, but what this does mean is that it’s about to get a hell of a lot harder to come up with justifications as to why we continue to send young American men and women to their deaths for a cause that has no  hope of succeeding, one in which our ‘partners’ aren’t willing to shoulder their share of the burden, not to mention the hundreds of billions of dollars that we’ve spent on the conflict.  Any reason to stay in the country and prop up a lost cause eludes me.


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