Mike and Kwame

For years, no one has been willing to come forward to confirm the occurence of a ‘wild party’ that was said to be held at the Manoogian Mansion (the official residence of the Mayor of Detroit) in 2002.  A witness has finally come forward and signed an affidavit confirming that party did indeed take place, along with other details in connection with the party. According to affidavit, then Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had some friends over, got all liquored up and called the strippers over.  So far, so good.  This is keeping in character with what we know of him.  So once the stripper shows up, Tamara Greene, working under the name of Strawberry, she gives him a lap dance.  Okay, true to form.  Carlita Kilpatrick (Mayor’s wife) shows up, punches Strawberry so hard, she falls off of Kwame onto a coffee table, breaking the table.  Carlita then picks up a leg from the broken table, and bashes Ms. Greene across the face.  Carlita was then physically restrained from further attacking anyone else.  Classy.

Greene was killed in a drive-by shooting in April of 2003.  Her family alleges that she was the target of a hit to ensure her silence in the matter and that the Detroit police attempted to wrap up the investigation so as not to implicate Kwame.

Now here’s where the politics come into play.  Mike Cox, Attorney General of the state of Michigan, is running for governor.  He investigated the allegations concerning the party, and came up with nothing.  Every single other investigation targeted at Kwame has come up with something.  Despite stonewalling, obfuscation, lies, Kwame finds himself in prison on a probation violation, and now the Feds are going after him for operating his ‘civic fund’ as slush fund, using it to pay for such personal expenses as sending his kids to summer camp, trips and lawn services.  I’d imagine that we’re going to see more allegations concerning Kwame’s conduct, both during his time in office, before, and after.  This guy is going to have to face investigations, probably, for the next several years.

We’d be stupid to believe anything but the worst about Kwame Kilpatrick, candidate Cox’s protests notwithstanding.  But, Cox, who’s had his own ethical problems in the past, has to stick with his original story.  Otherwise, his ongoing bid to become the GOP nominee for the governor’s election this fall is sunk.  Anything having to do with Kwame stinks, and this is no exception.


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